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About us

Meet our team

The key people you will have contact with


Always looks at things from the customers point of view.

Roy Mitchell

Co-Director and Client Services

Runs accounts production with a team of UK Accountants

Blaine Sturgess

Co-Director and Accounts production
Amela Thompson - Accountant

The most recent addition to our team

Amela Thompson



Our journey started back in 2008. Blaine and I worked at a large firm specialising in IT Contractors Accountancy. I have always been in business apart from this brief interlude and frankly felt I could do a better job than the one I saw.

Blaine is a qualified accountant and has vast experience as financial director of a large city firm.  I have experience in running small firms, ranging from a wine bar restaurant to a coffee business supplying F1 teams, golf clubs etc.  We joined forces and haven`t looked back.  It didn`t take long for our customer focused service to catch on.  We are approachable, and understand you have a life beyond keeping your books.

We are still a small firm and are content with that. I look after all customers throughout and am currently studying ATT, to ensure I am completely up to date with UK personal and business tax.

Blaine heads up accounts production along with a small team, though most of you will be familiar with Amela.  She joined us in July 2019 and started with helping out part-time.  She has now become invaluable to us and as a part qualified accountant is assisting in all areas.

What makes us different from a High street accountants?  Service and price.  You will deal direct with an accountant on a one to one basis and at an agreed price which is advertised.  A fair deal all round.