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Fixed Fees

From £120 plus vat per month

Services Offered

  • Monthly CIS300 and up to three sub-contractors monthly payslips
  • Payroll, Vat returns and all HMRC compliance for the company.
  • Produce annual accounts and file Corporation Tax computations to the Inland Revenue.
  • Produce annual accounts for, and submit the Annual Return to, Companies House.
  • Complete and file up to three director’s standard tax return. (PAYE and Dividends)
  • Run payroll including auto-enrolment pension administration for up to five employees
  • Give you as much help as you need, with email and telephone support and video meetings
  • Direct access to a chartered accountant
  • Software provided, Quick books essential license

    Naturally all companies will have different needs and one size does not fit all.  From experience our clients prefer to pay a monthly subscription that will include the services they usually need.  It avoids the unexpected and somewhat irritating “Fee notes” that arrive out of the blue and in addition it leads to a cordial relationship with a common purpose.  Equally, if a client asks for ad-hoc work then we will quote before commencing work.  Transparency and mutual trust are key.

    To this end we have a template suggestion which is adaptable to your needs and have listed below the normal services required.  We tend to tailor our fees as for instance with construction there is CIS work involved.  Its easier to talk things over and agree rather than plough through a website to find what you are looking for.  In essence we are keen to arrive at a suitable fee that suits your needs with the assurance of a professional firm and leading industry standard technology on offer at a sensible price.

    Our package includes all a company needs with a choice of class-leading software to enable it to keep good records and provide management reports which are essential.  It allows us to log in and check the VAT returns before filing if required and with bank feeds makes life simpler for your book keeper.  In addition we are offering the normal statutory filing requirements of CS01, company accounts and CT600 along with a comprehensive payroll package.

    Fees start at £120 plus VAT a month and laid out below is a typical example of what’s included for that price. Bearing in mind this is a template it`s likely your needs will be slightly different and we will tailor accordingly.

    Please call Roy on 01279 817790 and we can arrange a video meeting.  Its important to us that we understand and meet your needs at an agreeable fee.

    This package is designed for companies trading up to £1,000.000

    We understand your needs and are here to ensure you are well catered for. You will deal with one contact, who will look after you. Our job is to help you get on with what you do best, running your business with your skills. Its designed for construction, engineering and all companies that need support in administration with monthly salaries and CIS management.   We have included those services into one package that covers all needs, even the directors tax returns.