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Q Your prices seem very reasonable, but is there any way I can be certain you`ll be up to the job?

A. Once we have your data we will schedule the work.  We will have a draft set of accounts to you within 10 working days.  It is only at that point that we will send an invoice, not before.

Q My books are a complete mess as is my life.  I hate paying tax and expect you to sort it all out, is that OK?

A. Sorry, but no not really!  Our prices are based on reasonable record keeping whether it be in Excel or an accounting package.  We don`t want you to pay any more than you have to in acountancy charges or for that matter, tax.  But you do need to do your bit!

Q My accountant has been with me for years and I consider him to be a friend, he even sends me a card at Christmas!  I don`t want to leave him but he charges me over £2000 every year.  What should I do?

A This is a common dilemma, but ask yourself something.  Would a true friend be charging you so much?

Q If you charge so much less, is it because you are dodgy or something?

A. We have regulating bodies the same as any other accountancy firm and we use the latest industry standard accounting software.  All our accountants are UK based and minimum AAT and ACCA.

Q I like the full service, including payroll, book keeping etc.  Can you do that?

A Yes, we are no different from any high street accountants with our range of services, but you won`t get the tea and biscuits though!