Online Fixed Fee Accountants for Small Business

We are unique in that we offer full menu pricing. Thats transparent!

Why Sturgessonline?

We are a proven Partner for many companies. We give a personal service at an affordable agreed price.

We can deal with all types of software

We don`t just handle Sage Business Cloud. We are able to work with all forms of Accounting software

Easy Communication

Always available by email. Telephone direct during working hours. No time wasted parking and waiting

Dedicated Accountant

Right from the outset, you will allocated a qualified accountant you can deal with

Does what it says on the website

You are looking to save money. Thats what we are here for.

We have a history of value for money

We have been producing AFFORDABLE sets of accounts since 2009. Our prices have hardly fluctuated

Quick turnaround

Left it to the last minute? Don`t we all! Turnaround maximum 10 days

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We specialise in Accounting for Contractors and Companies.

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